Executive Orders

2022 Emergency Order — allows General, Building & Residential Contractors to repair and install roofs/roofing systems within those specific counties impacted by Hurricane Ian without subcontracting work to a licensed roofing contractor

Executive Order 22-219 — triggers the price-gouging statutes and the permit extension for certain permits 

Office of Insurance Regulation Executive Order — prohibits cancellation or non-renewal of policies until November 28; will temporarily shield homeowners from losing policies if their properties are damaged in Hurricane Ian through the time it takes to repair the home


Disaster Contractors Network Registration: All Florida Licensed Contractors are eligible to register on the Disaster Contractors Network (DCN) to connect with homeowners in need of construction services and supplies. NUCA of Florida is a member of the DCN and our member licensed contractors and our suppliers are eligible to register their business on the DCN website. There is NO COST to register on the DCN website. Visit www.dcnonline.org to register.  

Elections Order 2022

Press Releases & News

Florida Response to Hurricane Ian Continues (Oct 4)

Florida Department of Revenue Announces Corporate Income Tax Due Date Extension (Oct 5)

Governor Ron DeSantis Issues Updates on Hurricane Ian Recovery (Oct 18)

Operation Blue Roof deadline extended through Nov. 1